Rethink Decision Making

A proven method to increase the quality of your team’s decision making skills.

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Leaders are born not made

You are only born with five endemic traits—introversion/extroversion, degree of agreeableness, openness to new ideas, conscientiousness and degree of neuroticism.   Other behaviours, such as leadership, are learnt.


Effective and less effective decision makers think differently.  It is possible to measure this difference relatively quickly. Thinking shapes behaviour. If you have insights into how people think, you can shape more effective decision making behaviours. 

Through our software

  • Differentiate between effective and less effective thinkers.
  • Tap into higher-order thinking that shapes decisions.
  • Quantify and compare mental models.
  • Measure return on training investment.

Who uses our products and services?

Individuals wanting to learn how to lead more effectively.  We can provide individual coaching or a self-paced development package.


Educators and trainers conducting learning activities.  Our complete product will help you design, develop, deliver and measure return-on-training investment.

Human Resource Development staff involved in coaching, mentoring and developing individuals and teams.

Researchers—Cognitive Psychologists and students who wish to undertake electronic card sorts and questionnaires, and analyse their results using hierarchical clustering and dendrograms.


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